A Season for Resting

A few days ago I went to put my son down for his afternoon nap. He was not happy about it at all and I heard him banging on his crib. As I looked down at the video monitor, I saw my 2-year-old hiking his leg over the front of the crib and begin to pull himself over. I sprinted into the room and was able to catch him before he made his way over and fell out. I quickly settled him down and tucked him back in for nap time. A few minutes later the same thing happened. Mommy to the rescue! – But man am I feeling it and slightly regretting it now!

I’ve wanted to stay active up through delivery with this pregnancy (especially since from 37 weeks on last time I was on light bed rest and didn’t have the opportunity) but unfortunately ever since this little adventure the other day my pain level has increased significantly.

The day it happened I couldn’t walk without assistance. It was really rough and aside from horrible morning (all-day) sickness earlier in pregnancy, it was probably the worst I have felt this time around. Luckily the next day, after my chiropractor appointment, I felt much better and was able to walk without hanging onto furniture and walls. I decided to take a fully indulgent day – after my appointment I went and got a pedicure followed by frozen yogurt and a nap. Luckily, my kiddo was doing really well in his newly put-together toddler bed so he gave me a nice long nap to get some rest with.

Today I am 39 weeks and 5 days according to my guestimated due date of Saturday and I am still in a lot of pain but doing much better. That being said, I don’t foresee another formal workout in my future before baby gets here. I’m definitely feeling antsy to start up again but I also know that a key component to staying active during pregnancy and healing postpartum is listening to your body. This is definitely my body telling me that I need a break so I’ll admit, I’ve been in full-out bum mode. I am someone who constantly likes to keep busy so this is very hard for me to do but I know I will be grateful when I have some energy for labor. Fingers crossed baby girl decides to make her appearance soon on her own!


Clean Eating Chicken Tenders and Sweet Potato Fries

This is a family favorite in my house and one of my go-to recipes that doesn’t taste healthy but actually is. The breading on the tenders comes out so good using the almond flour and I love that these are also easy to prep for us busy folks out there!


Clean Eating Chicken Tenders with Sweet Potato Fries:

Chicken Tenders:
Preheat oven to 375. Lightly beat 1 egg in a bowl. In another bowl combine 1 cup almond flour, and a heavy dash of paprika, garlic powder, ground mustard, and pepper. Take each chicken tenderloin (or a chicken breast cut into 1/3) and dip in egg batter then roll into flour mixture until covered. Lay out on an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet and lightly spray with olive or avocado oil spray. Then bake for 15 minutes and then flip and bake for 10 minute or until slightly golden brown.

Sweet Potato Fries:
Preheat oven to 400. Cut up 2 sweet potatoes into half inch wide long “fry” pieces. Melt 2 tbsp coconut oil and then mix to coat sweet potato slices. Place on an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet and sprinkle with sea salt and some pepper. Bake for 15 minutes then flip and bake until browned.

Pregnancy #1 vs #2

With my first pregnancy I tried to stay as active as possible but due to terrible pelvic pain that started around 14 weeks I was told to cut out all activity aside from walking and yoga after 20 weeks. Then I was on modified bed rest the last two weeks I was pregnant. I LOVE FOOD and back then, I didn’t worry about what I ate. I ate what I didn’t have food aversions to (mainly carbs and mexican) and ended up gaining almost 60 pounds.

The weight took what felt like forever to lose. I was able to easy get rid of about 45 lbs of the 60 by my 6-week postpartum check up but it wasn’t until close to a year after my son was born that I was able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. How did I get there? Better nutrition, finding workouts I loved and patience. I had to patient with myself and my healing body after pregnancy.

Fast forward a few months and I found out that our family was expecting another addition. I knew this time I wanted things to be different so that I could have an easier recovery and hopefully a better labor (we’ll see when she gets here!) experience. What did I do different this time?

  • I didn’t eat whatever I wanted. Yes, I gave into cravings and I would say I let my usual 80/20 rule be more like a 70/30 but anything I ate that was less healthy I was able to eat in much more moderation.
  • I always had healthy snacks packed in my purse. I would make some Shakeology energy bites or put grapes in a little container and have them in my purse ready to go  so I wasn’t tempted to hit the drive through in a ravenous rage when I was hungry.
  • I made it a goal to work out 4 times a week. Initially I was working out about 5-6 days a week but with morning sickness had to taper off a bit and then decided that 4 times a week was a reasonable amount for me. I kept my intensity up to the normal amount and then slowly began modifying by removing jumping moves and just listening to my body when it came to how much weight to lift, etc.
  • I found a great support band. I don’t think I could have more positive things to say about the Bao Bei Maternity Belly Sport Bra. I ordered mine around when I was around 1 1 weeks and I’m still wearing it at 39. I have had minimal pelvic pain and haven’t had any medical requirement to taper my workouts. Not only is it great support but it’s barely noticeable under workout clothes and just looks like you are wearing a long tank. I can’t wait to use their postpartum gear in a few weeks.
  • I kept motivated by continuing to run my online challenge groups. There is nothing more motivating then helping others reach their goals and working together in a supportive environment. I loved seeing my challenge participants hitting goals, staying active, eating well and drinking water and it made me more aware of the choices I was making as well.

So far at 39 weeks I have gained about 35 lbs and I am not feeling nearly as uncomfortable as I did last time. I’m hoping to keep that up for this last little bit and looking forward to feeling strong going into my postpartum journey. If you are interested in joining my next challenge group or just want more information, feel free to visit my contact page to get in touch with me.


Me at 39 weeks with Baby #1 vs. Baby #2 – I think you can see a big difference and I know I feel it for sure!




Crockpot Salsa Verde Soup

One of my favorite go-to crockpot recipes. I actually just froze a few batches of this for when our daughter decides to make her arrival! If you love Mexican food as much as I love it, you are going to love this easy-to-prep and healthy soup.


Crockpot Salsa Verde Soup


1 jar salsa verde
2 cooked chicken breasts, cubed or shredded, cooked
1-15 oz can cannelloni beans, drained
3 cups low sodium chicken broth
2 green onions, chopped
½ pkg. frozen corn
1 T ground cumin
1 tsp. chili powder
Plain Greek yogurt
Optional-whole wheat tortillas, cut and baked to use as chips

Directions: Put salsa verde, beans, broth, corn, cumin and chili powder in the crockpot and set low. Cook chicken and add to crockpot cooking on low for 4 hours. Pour into bowl and add green onion and plain greek yogurt on top of the soup. Add a few whole wheat tortilla chips for garnish.

PiYo and Half Marathon Training

Back in the summer of 2014 I began training for my first half marathon. I decided that doing PiYo would be a great complimentary workout for it since it would give me the strength and stretching and would be low enough impact not to mess with my running schedule too much. It ended up being the perfect combination and I still highly recommend doing PiYo as cross training for any of my runner friends. Here is a copy of my hybrid PiYo and Half Marathon training plan.


My Pregnancy Workout Favorites

Being 38 weeks pregnant with my second child, I wanted to share some of my favorite workout items that have helped me stay active throughout this pregnancy.


Today I wanted to share some of my pregnancy favorites when it comes to working out. These are my must haves – so if you or someone you know is expecting (feel free to share this with them or tag them below), here are my personal recommendations that have helped keep me active and comfortable throughout my pregnancy.

1. Victoria’s Secret Yoga Pants: I actually bought these postpartum after having my son because the wide waistband was c-section friendly for me but they have been able to grow with me this pregnancy and are way cheaper than buying special maternity workout pants. They are super soft and if you don’t fold over the top it also has a nice tummy smoothing effect.

2. Lucy Crossback Tanks: When I got my group fitness instructor certification I was given these tanks as a gift which was pre-pregnancy but they are super supportive for growing bust and growing baby bump. I have been able to wear them my entire pregnancy so far (32 weeks) and there is still room to grow and they aren’t stretching out. Plus they come in lots of fun patterns and colors!

3. Sea-Band Mama Ginger Lozenges: I had terrible morning sickness this time around and was teaching some 5am classes. The only way I was able to survive being out in public when my morning sickness was going on was by using these before and after working out!

4. Boo Boo Buddy: This actually was a gift from my mother in law for my son but I’ve been using it after working out on my swollen tailbone and back (I hold it in place using #5!).

5. Bao Bei Maternity Belly Sport Bra: I know I’ve mentioned this one before but it has been a lifesaver this pregnancy. I have had no pelvic issues (which I had since about 14 weeks my first pregnancy) and I love that it’s really comfy, supportive, and doesn’t stick out under my workout clothes like other support bands.

6. Resistance Bands: Strength training is so important during pregnancy because we mommas need those muscles to haul our precious cargo around safely for the months following delivery. I love that I can get a good workout and the convenience of these lightweight bands. They are perfect for an allover workout.

7. Beachbody Performance Line’s Hydrate: I love that this gives me the extra electrolytes I need while I workout but isn’t chocked full of sugar like Gatorade or other sports drinks. It has a really subtle lemon-lime taste and magnesium and potassium to help avoid the fun swelling that comes as you get further along.

Fellow mommas out there – did you have any favorite fitness go-tos that helped you keep active while you were pregnant? Share them below in the comments!