My Story

A lot of people have asked me about how I got my motivation and what made me start working in the fitness business. Here is my story:

As a new mom who got little to no sleep for almost the first year I could barely function much less commit myself to any solid workout routine. I still had about 10 lbs of baby weight that just didn’t seem to budge. I know there are many moms who have no issues losing the weight but after gaining over 55 lbs during my first pregnancy, I was not one of them unfortunately! When my son turned about 6 months I decided I really needed to set a “crazy” goal for myself as motivation. After being in awe of a handful of friends who’d trained and been successful, I signed up for my first half marathon. Once I invested in my goal to shape up and had a date set, I knew the only way I would survive was if I worked out regularly and ate well.

I started going to the gym a few times a week so I would build up the habit again and to get to a general level of fitness. It was really tough for me after having my son because my body (especially my abs thanks to diastasis recti) felt completely different so exercising almost felt like it was starting from scratch even though I had been pretty active during my pregnancy. It was then that I saw an old friend of mine was hosting a free challenge group, “14 Day Toned Arms Challenge” on Facebook and decided I would give it a try. It was so helpful having a daily workout mapped out for me and knowing that each night I would be checking in to the group kept me accountable.

Then half marathon training went into full swing. I still was not getting a full night’s sleep each night and it was very hard keeping up with my mobile son and having the energy to complete my runs and gym workouts. Also, now that my son was 9 months old I was starting to get questions about baby #2 when they saw my leftover baby bump. I started feeling even more pressure that once Austin turned 1 year I would no longer be able to use the excuse that everyone had been so kind to give me leading up to that point that “I had just had a baby”.

My friend who had been keeping up with me since her challenge group asked if I had ever considered becoming a fitness coach as well. I definitely laughed to myself and thought “no way!”. I felt like I was too out of shape and didn’t like the idea of “selling” things. However, I really wanted to continue using the products and loved the idea of a 25% discount so after doing a lot of research I decided to sign up but “only for the discount”. I told her that maybe I would work the business side down the road, but I had no intention to do more than enjoy my superfood shakes and workouts while training for my half.

Three weeks after starting to drink Shakeology and doing PiYo as cross training for my half, I was down 5 lbs and had lost over 10 inches. After seeing the scale and measurements not budge for months, I finally saw results. Even better, I had more energy to keep up with Austin and get through my increasingly demanding workout schedule leading up to the half marathon. The PiYo helped my running by giving me strength and stretching that I would have been missing otherwise and was a really fun workout that I looked forward to each day. Plus as we moved cross-country during my half marathon training, it was easy to take along and do the workout anywhere.

Almost by accident, I inadvertently ended up deciding to work the Beachbody business because it helped me reach my goal of completing a half marathon and getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and continues to help me stay active and get in even better shape than before my pregnancy (which is not something I ever thought I would be saying). I never really planned to do it as my job but after hearing from multiple people who were interested in my journey to better health, I realized it was the right business for me. I love hosting challenge groups now because they not only keep me motivated but I truly love seeing other people reaching their goals the way I was reaching for mine not too long ago. Being a fitness coach is something I can do anywhere and helps me honor my priorities of being there for my family and living an active life. I look forward to continue helping people as a fitness coach and a certified group fitness instructor! I still have a ways to go to reaching my long-term goals but I’m on the road heading towards them and that’s really something.



Lauren Friedman