Ultimate Reset Days 7-13

Sorry I haven’t been better at keeping up with writing this but the reset has had me needing a bit more sleep than usual so my bed has been winning the battle with staying up to write.

Current update: I am currently down 8 lbs and have lost 7 inches as of the start of Day 13.

In some ways the past days have felt amazing. I have more energy and feel lighter – the bloat has gone away and my skin is clearer. This next section is going to get a bit TMI:

A few days ago I also got my monthly visitor who normally announces herself with lots of pain and cramping ever since having my kids – this time – it arrived without warning. It hasn’t been regular since I had my daughter but this month it seems to be more normal versus the last 1-2 day periods I’ve had. I did notice that my cravings for foods returned more so with it’s arrival which is great for me to be more aware of from now on.

I did have a few cheats (I would say I have stuck to the plan about 99%) and I still feel like I have been getting great results.

We did go out on a date for Valentine’s Day this weekend – so I wasn’t perfect. Yes, I could have brought my own meal but date nights with my hubby are something I cherish and so instead I found a great place to eat that had a lot of vegan/vegetarian options and therefore “fit” with the Reset. I could be hard on myself about this but honestly I am glad I did it – I now feel like I get an idea of how to apply better eating when dining out with my food choices which is big for me!

I haven’t been craving sweets until my monthly friend came so I was so excited that my vegan chocolate Shakeology arrived a few days ago just in time to help me stave off the sweets.

Overall, I can truly say I am glad I have taken this program on. I may not be perfect but this was exactly what I needed to take back control over my eating habits and health. I no longer feel ruled by food – I know I can fuel myself. It has not been an easy 13 days but I feel like by the end of next week it will be completely worth it.



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