Ultimate Reset – Day 6

Today was probably the hardest day of the reset for me so far. I had some awful stomach cramps all morning and have been achy all day but I am not feeling tired and I haven’t felt hungry since I started so that is saying a lot. I don’t even miss sweets. I really just miss being able to eat whatever I wanted that was convenient.

I attempted to make the tempeh recipe that was in the cookbook but it smelled and looked gross so I really just couldn’t bring myself to eat it especially with my stomach not feeling well so I did a fresh fruit plate from one of the other week one breakfasts.


Lunch was quinoa salad again which is amazing. I got to enjoy it while I started some new training for work. I’m so pumped to be pushing myself this month in my business (and from here on out) and it’s perfect time to be focusing my business as I also focus on how I fuel my body. I’m excited to see the long-term habits I develop from these 21 days and I can’t believe I’m already almost one week down!


Dinner was zucchini-cashew soup and it was incredible. Probably one of my favorite recipes so far. It was super creamy and felt indulgent! Instead of doing the roasted root medley with it because I didn’t plan ahead on that one- I had a plain baked sweet potato. I love baked sweet potatoes but I usually add lots to them – even with nothing on it I loved it! Sometimes just super simple is best!

Even the dog wants some!

I’m ready to conquer day 7 tomorrow! Slowly feeling less and less bloated this first week. I seriously had to break out the maternity leggings again on Day 4!

To read about my journey from the start, check out why I decided to do the Ultimate Reset.

To learn more about the reset, click here.


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