Ultimate Reset – Day 3

Well they were not lying when they said usually you feel the most side effects around days 3-5. I’m hoping Day 3 is the worst because I felt pretty awful this morning. I’m about to warn you this post gets a little TMI.

I woke up feeling great and didn’t have the night sweating like I had after my first day. I went and drank my water and took my first batch of supplements. After that I started having some stomach cramping and some frequent bathroom trips. I am not sure if it was from drinking the water too quickly on an empty stomach that made me feel ill but it was a tough morning!

I do think part of it is that I have a condition called Ulcerative Colitis that I was diagnosed with at the age of 19. It took them a long time to figure out what was wrong with me but I couldn’t keep any of the nutrients I was taking in, would eat something and instantly have to run to the bathroom and lost a ton of weight. I honestly probably looked the most in shape of my entire life then but I was incredibly sick. As awesome as it was to have some nice abs – I would never want to be that skinny again by losing weight that way.

It’s not something that I talk about that often because it’s really embarrassing. I usually had 1-2 flare ups each year that were initiated over incredibly stressful times in my life. Since starting to drink Shakeology a few years ago I haven’t had a single flare up or had to go on medication which has been a blessing – I’m guessing from the probiotic and digestive blend in it. I’m especially grateful to not be on the meds because it was 9 pills a day plus an enema (yeah…. talk about a fun way to end your day) and then having steroids on hand if I needed them.

Anyways – there is a list of foods to avoid that can aggrevate your system which include raw foods, whole grains, seeds and nuts, etc. Things that take some work to break down and digest. Well, on the Ultimate Reset there are a lot of those foods – so I wasn’t shocked that I ended up in the bathroom quite a bit today as my body adjusts to these foods it’s not used to getting in the amounts I’m eating them in. I think it should work itself out but it brought back unfortunate memories of being in college and wanting to be social and go out with my friends but instead being stuck at home feeling crampy and miserable.

By the evening I felt fine and I feel pretty good right now as I write this aside from just sleepy which I will be going to sleep right after this. It probably didn’t help my case last night that I woke up at 1am, 2am, and 4am between my two kiddos. Sleep is very important to help give your body time to rest during the Reset. I did take some of my kid free morning time to nap with a heating pad on my stomach and it helped.


As for the meals today, they were all delicious. For breakfast I had a huge fruit salad with coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds on it and then lunch was a lentil salad. Lentils have always grossed me out for whatever reason just looking at them reminds me of little bugs or wannabe peas, but I went ahead and followed the recipes and I’m so glad I did because it was awesome and filling. There was also another salad included for lunch but I didn’t even manage to eat that. For dinner I had a repeat meal from last night with a taco because I had made too many rice and beans and had extra on hand plus all the other ingredients needed. It was delicious once again.


Pray that Day 3 was the worst of it. Tomorrow I have a girls date planned with a spa and dinner and the temptation at dinner is going to be strong. I already scoped the menu and found a salad that goes with the Reset criteria so I plan to enjoy that with everyone and then try not to drool too much over the dessert selection I can’t take part in. I will give myself points though because my husband made himself a pizza tonight and I wasn’t even a little bit tempted by it!


A week ago I would have totally reached for it but I didn’t feel the need today – maybe I’ll surprise myself at dinner tomorrow, or maybe I will cry a little on the inside when I see those desserts. Only time will tell.

To read about Day 2 on the Reset, click here.


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