Ultimate Reset- Day 2

My kiddos were up at 3 and 4am so I did not make my 4:55a alarm for my miracle morning activities. I decided following the Reset plan of getting enough sleep trumped it and I think it was for the best.

I woke up a little sweaty actually and not feeling so great so I hopped in the shower and did a mini miracle morning in there by just having some silence, affirmations and visualization just so I felt like I did something! The shower and mindset focus helped a bit and then drank my mineralized water and took my optimize supplement. My stomach did not feel very good and I felt somewhat achy this morning but the breakfast was amazing – something I would normally have: oatmeal and berries. The recipe was technically for oatmeal and blueberries but I had a bunch of beautiful blackberries so I decided to go halfsies on the blueberries and blackberries and it was delicious.


I was still struggling as I headed to work at the gym this morning. I found myself feeling very drowsy and my stomach still didn’t feel great. However, it didn’t feel like anything wrong but I could just tell my body was working hard to detoxify all the crud I have enjoyed over the last months with emotional eating & wine drinking during hubby’s time away and then the holidays.

I’m not supposed to be exercising more than gentle yoga or walking type exercises so when I teach I am just toning down the intensity that I demo the moves at and making sure I keep up my hydration.

By lunchtime I felt much better and enjoyed my Greek Chicken and Pine Nut salad fully – it was amazing and I know I am going to miss fish and meat in a few days when those are cut out of the plan. I’m not even a huge chicken fan but having chicken today with lunch felt luxurious!


I was very full afterwards and felt energized especially after drinking the Power Greens which everyone grosses out over but really I think isn’t too bad – I didn’t even hold my nose this time and I feel a ton of energy almost immediately after drinking it in the afternoon.


Since I’m nursing a few times a day still unless I feel super full I have been having the optional afternoon snack. Today I had a green apple with sunflower butter (I had ran out of almond butter) and it was such a treat! I think if you added a little honey to the sunflower butter it would make an amazing healthy dessert (ideas for down the road).

Dinner was very good – it was a taco with rice, beans, corn and then a mix of salsa and avocado on the side. I love Mexican food so this was right up my alley. I did add a tablespoon of plain greek yogurt on it just to get some extra protein and because I hadn’t eaten the yogurt in the morning since I wasn’t feeling very well.

Right now it’s 9:00pm and I’m ready for bed. I realize that I snack a lot at night to stay up longer and without those extra little calorie boosts – I’m ready to snooze but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

They say days 3-5 are the hardest so send some good juju my way!

To read about my Day 1, click here.

To learn more about the Ultimate Reset program, click here.


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