Ultimate Reset – Day 1


I had originally planned on doing a weekly update on the Ultimate Reset but after thinking about it I figured writing daily would keep me more accountable and would be a great way for me to look back at the end and see the transformation I go through over the next 21 days.

At 4:55am I woke up to my alarm so I could complete my Miracle Morning tasks (more on that to come in a future blog) and drank my first 24oz of water and took my supplements. You are supposed to wait 30 minutes to eat so I went up and got started on my morning tasks and came down to make my breakfast around 5:30. Breakfast, coconut quinoa, was super easy to make because I had prepped the main part (the quinoa) and just had to mix in the coconut milk, fresh pineapple, maple syrup and walnuts. It was delicious and definitely kept me full.

I noticed around 9am that I wanted to eat something and found myself thinking about what foods we had in the house. I had to remind myself that I was on the Ultimate Reset and realized how mindless I am about food each day. Seeing my son’s leftover Teddy Grahams sitting out I almost just grabbed a few and ate them which I would totally do on a normal day but I stayed strong and avoided those little tasty chocolate bears! I drank more water and felt better and realized I wasn’t really hungry at all.

Then I did my yoga workout where I choose a back pain and core devoted session that were each 10 minutes long using my On Demand streaming. It felt great but by the time I was done with that I was starting to get hungry again so I took my second set of supplements and began to prep lunch… which was HUGE!

Lunch was a microgreens salad that literally took up most of a full serving bowl with some miso soup and pumpkin seeds. It was so much food – I could barely finish the soup by the end with all the seaweed that was in it but it all was super tasty. I now have a new love of pumpkin seeds- we will see if I still feel that way by the end of this challenge but what an easy grab n’ go snack option!

I felt pretty tired by around 2pm which isn’t super out of the norm for me but I did doze off for a few minutes while we were watching Cars 2. I then did the power greens which I was warned about by my friends who have done this detox before – so I held my nose and it really wasn’t that bad (but I also love vegetable juice so maybe that’s just a me thing).

Since I was super tired and feeling pretty hungry, about an hour later I had a green apple and some almond butter. It was amazing and felt like a glorious treat. I knew it would be enough to carry me over to dinner.

Hubby came home around then with his own groceries since he didn’t want to do the reset with me. He has been nice enough to handle his own meals that he doesn’t want to join me on for the next 3 weeks. He was looking guilty so I knew he had gotten himself something tasty and not approved for the Ultimate Reset- Dove chocolates!- I did ask him to hide the chocolate out of my general view and he obliged. He did say he purposefully picked Dove so that I wouldn’t be as tempted as I would be with my favorite brands so that was very thoughtful of him. 😛

Tonight though he was all for joining for dinner because it was pretty much a normal night for us with salmon, asparagus and boiled potatoes. It was amazing and I liked that tonight we just got to eat the same thing. I have a feeling the next few days when he eats the baked ziti I prepped for him that I’m going to be side-eyeing him wanting some.

I’m definitely tired from the day and ready for bed but that could be because of waking up so early for the Miracle Morning which I just started this week as well. Day 1 is in the books though and NO CHEATS! I’m excited to see what Day 2 brings!

To read more about why I decided to start the Ultimate Reset, click here. To learn more about the Ultimate Reset program, click here.


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