The Me Project

The other day someone asked me for my blog link and I realized that I have been absolutely terrible about keeping up with this blog this past year. I had planned to make it my new baby but of course, I had a real new baby and just pushed it off to the side waiting for the perfect time to dive back in. I won’t say right now is perfect, but I think it’s time to get this thing up and running.

A few months ago my friend Jenn told me that she had heard about this great book called The Me Project by Kathi Lipp and that she was going to do a virtual book club for it. I hopped in and like many other projects that I plan to take on… the book sat there and I couldn’t get my act together to participate in the group. I was reading the book just at a much slower pace but recently I decided to really try and tackle it three to four times each week so I could actually get the projects done!

I have made it through about 6 projects out of 21 in the book and I can honestly say that every single one has resonated with me. In fact, Project #6 was about excuses holding us back from goals we set so here I sit writing this blog entry after about 10-11 months of no entries…. Ooops!

I love this one paragraph from this chapter which says, “When we are looking to live the life God designed for us, we often wait for ‘the big gift’ from God to make it all possible. Before you start even thinking about opening that small business you’ve always dreamed of, maybe you are waiting for the money to buy the equipment you need, the time to go to school full-time, or for your kids to get older. You don’t know when the time is going to be right, but you know that isn’t right now.”

That is me in a nutshell right now. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen great success this year in my business and in helping others but I have also shoved many other things off chalking it up to the “season” of life I was in with two small kids. I have always wanted to get myself together and write a blog but I pushed it off to the side so this is me taking back my project and getting back on track.

A little bit more about the book. Basically, The Me Project, starts out with you setting intentions of things you would like to see in your life. Then it teaches you to celebrate the small miracles and victories that lead you there so you can truly enjoy the process and journey versus just getting frustrated and impatient for results. Then there are 21 projects that are about shifting your mindset and helping you to take action towards your goals. The book has an area to track everything but I have preferred to write it all down in my own little notebook to keep track.

I highly recommend checking out the book if you haven’t already. In fact, I have committed (and will follow through) to co-hosting a book club on it starting mid-January. If you are interested in hopping in, we would love to have you join just email me at to be added! There’s even her book The Husband Project which I’m thinking of tackling next!

Cheers to many more blog entries to come!




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