Your Struggle Today

I did not have an easy time as a new mom after having my son. He was born via emergency c-section after a labor and delivery that left me feeling very traumatized. Not only did I have a tough time recovering physically but I mourned my birth experience. I adored my son and was happy he was here and healthy but I felt like my body had failed me and being the control freak that I am, I needed a way to get a sense of control back in my life. I also, like many new moms, was exhausted and while I wanted to get back in shape – I didn’t have energy and felt unmotivated to do anything about it (plus it took a long time to heal enough to feel okay working out).
About 6 months after my son was born I decided I needed to do something drastic to get out of my funk. I had an amazing mommy friend who had completed her first half marathon. She had also previously had a c-section and I saw how strong and confident she grew throughout her training and it inspired me even though a) I was a terrible runner and b) I had a permanent hip injury that made me a superior slow poke at running.
I decided that night that I would go to the gym and if I could survive running 1 mile without stopping then I would sign up that night for a half marathon and make the investment. The mile was painful and I was severely struggling to breathe by the end but that night I went home and signed up for a race and made the investment. I knew if I put that money down I would be making that commitment to myself and wouldn’t back out of it.
Training began a few months later and I knew I would need to be fueling my body better to make it through the runs so I began eating clean. Because I had the hip injury I could not run every day so I found a training program that had me running 3-4 times a week with cross training in between. I needed a program that would help me with cross training and that is where PiYo came in to my life and coaching as well. I also loved drinking Shakeology because it was convenient and kept me energized to run after my newly mobile 10 month old.
I sit here over two years later after having my son and now am back at dealing with newborn life with my daughter. It’s crazy to look back and see that I was able to complete that half marathon, gained a new love and appreciation for health and fitness, became a group fitness instructor and eventually had a healthy pregnancy and much better delivery and postpartum recovery. I am still exhausted right now and not necessarily feeling motivated to run a half marathon anytime soon but I feel so much more positive and supported this time around and in control of my life. Taking care of two littles is HARD WORK but my journey, coaching, and working alongside so many positive coaches and challengers has shown me that I can conquer anything with the right mindset and support system.
Know that your struggle today will turn into your strength tomorrow and I’m happy to lend any encouragement and be your rock along the way.

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