A Season for Resting

A few days ago I went to put my son down for his afternoon nap. He was not happy about it at all and I heard him banging on his crib. As I looked down at the video monitor, I saw my 2-year-old hiking his leg over the front of the crib and begin to pull himself over. I sprinted into the room and was able to catch him before he made his way over and fell out. I quickly settled him down and tucked him back in for nap time. A few minutes later the same thing happened. Mommy to the rescue! – But man am I feeling it and slightly regretting it now!

I’ve wanted to stay active up through delivery with this pregnancy (especially since from 37 weeks on last time I was on light bed rest and didn’t have the opportunity) but unfortunately ever since this little adventure the other day my pain level has increased significantly.

The day it happened I couldn’t walk without assistance. It was really rough and aside from horrible morning (all-day) sickness earlier in pregnancy, it was probably the worst I have felt this time around. Luckily the next day, after my chiropractor appointment, I felt much better and was able to walk without hanging onto furniture and walls. I decided to take a fully indulgent day – after my appointment I went and got a pedicure followed by frozen yogurt and a nap. Luckily, my kiddo was doing really well in his newly put-together toddler bed so he gave me a nice long nap to get some rest with.

Today I am 39 weeks and 5 days according to my guestimated due date of Saturday and I am still in a lot of pain but doing much better. That being said, I don’t foresee another formal workout in my future before baby gets here. I’m definitely feeling antsy to start up again but I also know that a key component to staying active during pregnancy and healing postpartum is listening to your body. This is definitely my body telling me that I need a break so I’ll admit, I’ve been in full-out bum mode. I am someone who constantly likes to keep busy so this is very hard for me to do but I know I will be grateful when I have some energy for labor. Fingers crossed baby girl decides to make her appearance soon on her own!


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