Pregnancy #1 vs #2

With my first pregnancy I tried to stay as active as possible but due to terrible pelvic pain that started around 14 weeks I was told to cut out all activity aside from walking and yoga after 20 weeks. Then I was on modified bed rest the last two weeks I was pregnant. I LOVE FOOD and back then, I didn’t worry about what I ate. I ate what I didn’t have food aversions to (mainly carbs and mexican) and ended up gaining almost 60 pounds.

The weight took what felt like forever to lose. I was able to easy get rid of about 45 lbs of the 60 by my 6-week postpartum check up but it wasn’t until close to a year after my son was born that I was able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. How did I get there? Better nutrition, finding workouts I loved and patience. I had to patient with myself and my healing body after pregnancy.

Fast forward a few months and I found out that our family was expecting another addition. I knew this time I wanted things to be different so that I could have an easier recovery and hopefully a better labor (we’ll see when she gets here!) experience. What did I do different this time?

  • I didn’t eat whatever I wanted. Yes, I gave into cravings and I would say I let my usual 80/20 rule be more like a 70/30 but anything I ate that was less healthy I was able to eat in much more moderation.
  • I always had healthy snacks packed in my purse. I would make some Shakeology energy bites or put grapes in a little container and have them in my purse ready to go  so I wasn’t tempted to hit the drive through in a ravenous rage when I was hungry.
  • I made it a goal to work out 4 times a week. Initially I was working out about 5-6 days a week but with morning sickness had to taper off a bit and then decided that 4 times a week was a reasonable amount for me. I kept my intensity up to the normal amount and then slowly began modifying by removing jumping moves and just listening to my body when it came to how much weight to lift, etc.
  • I found a great support band. I don’t think I could have more positive things to say about the Bao Bei Maternity Belly Sport Bra. I ordered mine around when I was around 1 1 weeks and I’m still wearing it at 39. I have had minimal pelvic pain and haven’t had any medical requirement to taper my workouts. Not only is it great support but it’s barely noticeable under workout clothes and just looks like you are wearing a long tank. I can’t wait to use their postpartum gear in a few weeks.
  • I kept motivated by continuing to run my online challenge groups. There is nothing more motivating then helping others reach their goals and working together in a supportive environment. I loved seeing my challenge participants hitting goals, staying active, eating well and drinking water and it made me more aware of the choices I was making as well.

So far at 39 weeks I have gained about 35 lbs and I am not feeling nearly as uncomfortable as I did last time. I’m hoping to keep that up for this last little bit and looking forward to feeling strong going into my postpartum journey. If you are interested in joining my next challenge group or just want more information, feel free to visit my contact page to get in touch with me.


Me at 39 weeks with Baby #1 vs. Baby #2 – I think you can see a big difference and I know I feel it for sure!





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