Ultimate Reset Days 7-13

Sorry I haven’t been better at keeping up with writing this but the reset has had me needing a bit more sleep than usual so my bed has been winning the battle with staying up to write.

Current update: I am currently down 8 lbs and have lost 7 inches as of the start of Day 13.

In some ways the past days have felt amazing. I have more energy and feel lighter – the bloat has gone away and my skin is clearer. This next section is going to get a bit TMI:

A few days ago I also got my monthly visitor who normally announces herself with lots of pain and cramping ever since having my kids – this time – it arrived without warning. It hasn’t been regular since I had my daughter but this month it seems to be more normal versus the last 1-2 day periods I’ve had. I did notice that my cravings for foods returned more so with it’s arrival which is great for me to be more aware of from now on.

I did have a few cheats (I would say I have stuck to the plan about 99%) and I still feel like I have been getting great results.

We did go out on a date for Valentine’s Day this weekend – so I wasn’t perfect. Yes, I could have brought my own meal but date nights with my hubby are something I cherish and so instead I found a great place to eat that had a lot of vegan/vegetarian options and therefore “fit” with the Reset. I could be hard on myself about this but honestly I am glad I did it – I now feel like I get an idea of how to apply better eating when dining out with my food choices which is big for me!

I haven’t been craving sweets until my monthly friend came so I was so excited that my vegan chocolate Shakeology arrived a few days ago just in time to help me stave off the sweets.

Overall, I can truly say I am glad I have taken this program on. I may not be perfect but this was exactly what I needed to take back control over my eating habits and health. I no longer feel ruled by food – I know I can fuel myself. It has not been an easy 13 days but I feel like by the end of next week it will be completely worth it.



Ultimate Reset – Day 6

Today was probably the hardest day of the reset for me so far. I had some awful stomach cramps all morning and have been achy all day but I am not feeling tired and I haven’t felt hungry since I started so that is saying a lot. I don’t even miss sweets. I really just miss being able to eat whatever I wanted that was convenient.

I attempted to make the tempeh recipe that was in the cookbook but it smelled and looked gross so I really just couldn’t bring myself to eat it especially with my stomach not feeling well so I did a fresh fruit plate from one of the other week one breakfasts.


Lunch was quinoa salad again which is amazing. I got to enjoy it while I started some new training for work. I’m so pumped to be pushing myself this month in my business (and from here on out) and it’s perfect time to be focusing my business as I also focus on how I fuel my body. I’m excited to see the long-term habits I develop from these 21 days and I can’t believe I’m already almost one week down!


Dinner was zucchini-cashew soup and it was incredible. Probably one of my favorite recipes so far. It was super creamy and felt indulgent! Instead of doing the roasted root medley with it because I didn’t plan ahead on that one- I had a plain baked sweet potato. I love baked sweet potatoes but I usually add lots to them – even with nothing on it I loved it! Sometimes just super simple is best!

Even the dog wants some!

I’m ready to conquer day 7 tomorrow! Slowly feeling less and less bloated this first week. I seriously had to break out the maternity leggings again on Day 4!

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Ultimate Reset Days 4 & 5

I decided to compile days 4 and 5 because by the time I got home on Day 4 I was zonked and ready for bed and I wanted to have enough time to write about that day.

Yesterday was Day 4 of the Ultimate Reset and I was able to stay on track in the morning and felt better than I had in the mornings on days 2 and 3. I had a girls spa day and dinner date planned so I prepared myself by packing lot of “reset friendly” snacks that I could enjoy with everyone and looking at where we were going to dinner so I had found a meal that would align with the Week 1 meals. Of course, since it was a girls day and I didn’t want to be totally lame – I did bring some cupcakes for my friends but I didn’t eat any of them! They looked amazing though!


I got a facial and a massage and they both felt amazing. I felt especially achy yesterday so the massage was perfect. Afterwards we went to dinner but the place we were planning on was booked up so we decided to ad lib and go to another restaurant that served tapas. I can’t say that what I ate was 100% on point with the plan but it was pretty close and I didn’t have any of the amazing desserts my friends enjoyed. I was surprised actually that I haven’t had any sweets cravings yesterday or today so that’s pretty exciting for me! I can’t lie- I did enjoy a small roll that had some cheese in it so there was a slight cheat in there but I love that the Reset just says to keep going unlike other plans where you are supposed to start all over again.

Mushroom and Asparagus soup

It was a great night and I was able to get some decent sleep at least and this morning I woke up and I have currently lost a little over 3 lbs and 1.5 inches. I’m still feeling pretty bloated which they said is normally early on but I’m sure will even itself out soon. I did throw on a pair of maternity leggings the other day just because it was uncomfortable to have a waistband digging into the bloat.

Today has been the easiest day so far. It felt great to meal prep and I felt pretty good aside from a few stomach cramps. I’m starting to get into more of a routine with the timing of the supplements and meals too which helps and I’m not feeling tired like I did the first few days. I loved my dinner tonight especially which was a veggie stir fry but lunch was a quinoa salad and that was awesome too.

img_8952 img_8947

Here’s hoping the coming days get easier and easier. So far I haven’t had any crazy cravings but I have realized how much I mindlessly eat my kiddo’s leftover foods and snacks! I almost ate a few peanut butter crackers and teddy grahams over the last few days!

Ultimate Reset – Day 3

Well they were not lying when they said usually you feel the most side effects around days 3-5. I’m hoping Day 3 is the worst because I felt pretty awful this morning. I’m about to warn you this post gets a little TMI.

I woke up feeling great and didn’t have the night sweating like I had after my first day. I went and drank my water and took my first batch of supplements. After that I started having some stomach cramping and some frequent bathroom trips. I am not sure if it was from drinking the water too quickly on an empty stomach that made me feel ill but it was a tough morning!

I do think part of it is that I have a condition called Ulcerative Colitis that I was diagnosed with at the age of 19. It took them a long time to figure out what was wrong with me but I couldn’t keep any of the nutrients I was taking in, would eat something and instantly have to run to the bathroom and lost a ton of weight. I honestly probably looked the most in shape of my entire life then but I was incredibly sick. As awesome as it was to have some nice abs – I would never want to be that skinny again by losing weight that way.

It’s not something that I talk about that often because it’s really embarrassing. I usually had 1-2 flare ups each year that were initiated over incredibly stressful times in my life. Since starting to drink Shakeology a few years ago I haven’t had a single flare up or had to go on medication which has been a blessing – I’m guessing from the probiotic and digestive blend in it. I’m especially grateful to not be on the meds because it was 9 pills a day plus an enema (yeah…. talk about a fun way to end your day) and then having steroids on hand if I needed them.

Anyways – there is a list of foods to avoid that can aggrevate your system which include raw foods, whole grains, seeds and nuts, etc. Things that take some work to break down and digest. Well, on the Ultimate Reset there are a lot of those foods – so I wasn’t shocked that I ended up in the bathroom quite a bit today as my body adjusts to these foods it’s not used to getting in the amounts I’m eating them in. I think it should work itself out but it brought back unfortunate memories of being in college and wanting to be social and go out with my friends but instead being stuck at home feeling crampy and miserable.

By the evening I felt fine and I feel pretty good right now as I write this aside from just sleepy which I will be going to sleep right after this. It probably didn’t help my case last night that I woke up at 1am, 2am, and 4am between my two kiddos. Sleep is very important to help give your body time to rest during the Reset. I did take some of my kid free morning time to nap with a heating pad on my stomach and it helped.


As for the meals today, they were all delicious. For breakfast I had a huge fruit salad with coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds on it and then lunch was a lentil salad. Lentils have always grossed me out for whatever reason just looking at them reminds me of little bugs or wannabe peas, but I went ahead and followed the recipes and I’m so glad I did because it was awesome and filling. There was also another salad included for lunch but I didn’t even manage to eat that. For dinner I had a repeat meal from last night with a taco because I had made too many rice and beans and had extra on hand plus all the other ingredients needed. It was delicious once again.


Pray that Day 3 was the worst of it. Tomorrow I have a girls date planned with a spa and dinner and the temptation at dinner is going to be strong. I already scoped the menu and found a salad that goes with the Reset criteria so I plan to enjoy that with everyone and then try not to drool too much over the dessert selection I can’t take part in. I will give myself points though because my husband made himself a pizza tonight and I wasn’t even a little bit tempted by it!


A week ago I would have totally reached for it but I didn’t feel the need today – maybe I’ll surprise myself at dinner tomorrow, or maybe I will cry a little on the inside when I see those desserts. Only time will tell.

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Ultimate Reset- Day 2

My kiddos were up at 3 and 4am so I did not make my 4:55a alarm for my miracle morning activities. I decided following the Reset plan of getting enough sleep trumped it and I think it was for the best.

I woke up a little sweaty actually and not feeling so great so I hopped in the shower and did a mini miracle morning in there by just having some silence, affirmations and visualization just so I felt like I did something! The shower and mindset focus helped a bit and then drank my mineralized water and took my optimize supplement. My stomach did not feel very good and I felt somewhat achy this morning but the breakfast was amazing – something I would normally have: oatmeal and berries. The recipe was technically for oatmeal and blueberries but I had a bunch of beautiful blackberries so I decided to go halfsies on the blueberries and blackberries and it was delicious.


I was still struggling as I headed to work at the gym this morning. I found myself feeling very drowsy and my stomach still didn’t feel great. However, it didn’t feel like anything wrong but I could just tell my body was working hard to detoxify all the crud I have enjoyed over the last months with emotional eating & wine drinking during hubby’s time away and then the holidays.

I’m not supposed to be exercising more than gentle yoga or walking type exercises so when I teach I am just toning down the intensity that I demo the moves at and making sure I keep up my hydration.

By lunchtime I felt much better and enjoyed my Greek Chicken and Pine Nut salad fully – it was amazing and I know I am going to miss fish and meat in a few days when those are cut out of the plan. I’m not even a huge chicken fan but having chicken today with lunch felt luxurious!


I was very full afterwards and felt energized especially after drinking the Power Greens which everyone grosses out over but really I think isn’t too bad – I didn’t even hold my nose this time and I feel a ton of energy almost immediately after drinking it in the afternoon.


Since I’m nursing a few times a day still unless I feel super full I have been having the optional afternoon snack. Today I had a green apple with sunflower butter (I had ran out of almond butter) and it was such a treat! I think if you added a little honey to the sunflower butter it would make an amazing healthy dessert (ideas for down the road).

Dinner was very good – it was a taco with rice, beans, corn and then a mix of salsa and avocado on the side. I love Mexican food so this was right up my alley. I did add a tablespoon of plain greek yogurt on it just to get some extra protein and because I hadn’t eaten the yogurt in the morning since I wasn’t feeling very well.

Right now it’s 9:00pm and I’m ready for bed. I realize that I snack a lot at night to stay up longer and without those extra little calorie boosts – I’m ready to snooze but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

They say days 3-5 are the hardest so send some good juju my way!

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Ultimate Reset – Day 1


I had originally planned on doing a weekly update on the Ultimate Reset but after thinking about it I figured writing daily would keep me more accountable and would be a great way for me to look back at the end and see the transformation I go through over the next 21 days.

At 4:55am I woke up to my alarm so I could complete my Miracle Morning tasks (more on that to come in a future blog) and drank my first 24oz of water and took my supplements. You are supposed to wait 30 minutes to eat so I went up and got started on my morning tasks and came down to make my breakfast around 5:30. Breakfast, coconut quinoa, was super easy to make because I had prepped the main part (the quinoa) and just had to mix in the coconut milk, fresh pineapple, maple syrup and walnuts. It was delicious and definitely kept me full.

I noticed around 9am that I wanted to eat something and found myself thinking about what foods we had in the house. I had to remind myself that I was on the Ultimate Reset and realized how mindless I am about food each day. Seeing my son’s leftover Teddy Grahams sitting out I almost just grabbed a few and ate them which I would totally do on a normal day but I stayed strong and avoided those little tasty chocolate bears! I drank more water and felt better and realized I wasn’t really hungry at all.

Then I did my yoga workout where I choose a back pain and core devoted session that were each 10 minutes long using my On Demand streaming. It felt great but by the time I was done with that I was starting to get hungry again so I took my second set of supplements and began to prep lunch… which was HUGE!

Lunch was a microgreens salad that literally took up most of a full serving bowl with some miso soup and pumpkin seeds. It was so much food – I could barely finish the soup by the end with all the seaweed that was in it but it all was super tasty. I now have a new love of pumpkin seeds- we will see if I still feel that way by the end of this challenge but what an easy grab n’ go snack option!

I felt pretty tired by around 2pm which isn’t super out of the norm for me but I did doze off for a few minutes while we were watching Cars 2. I then did the power greens which I was warned about by my friends who have done this detox before – so I held my nose and it really wasn’t that bad (but I also love vegetable juice so maybe that’s just a me thing).

Since I was super tired and feeling pretty hungry, about an hour later I had a green apple and some almond butter. It was amazing and felt like a glorious treat. I knew it would be enough to carry me over to dinner.

Hubby came home around then with his own groceries since he didn’t want to do the reset with me. He has been nice enough to handle his own meals that he doesn’t want to join me on for the next 3 weeks. He was looking guilty so I knew he had gotten himself something tasty and not approved for the Ultimate Reset- Dove chocolates!- I did ask him to hide the chocolate out of my general view and he obliged. He did say he purposefully picked Dove so that I wouldn’t be as tempted as I would be with my favorite brands so that was very thoughtful of him. 😛

Tonight though he was all for joining for dinner because it was pretty much a normal night for us with salmon, asparagus and boiled potatoes. It was amazing and I liked that tonight we just got to eat the same thing. I have a feeling the next few days when he eats the baked ziti I prepped for him that I’m going to be side-eyeing him wanting some.

I’m definitely tired from the day and ready for bed but that could be because of waking up so early for the Miracle Morning which I just started this week as well. Day 1 is in the books though and NO CHEATS! I’m excited to see what Day 2 brings!

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